Wednesday, February 5, 2014

ABC Wednesday—D is for "dead end"

Took this shot while riding through Brooklyn
on the train.  Reminds me of a street used
by Spike Lee in one of his movies—don't remember 

which, but probably Do the Right Thing.
He filmed that movie entirely on location in
Bedford-Stuyvesant, so maybe it is.

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  1. Dead end, impasse, cul-de-sac, ćorsokak; I always think these streets must be peaceful, since not many people drive on them, unless they're lost.

    Love the photo---out someone's window?

  2. I can see the sign post in yellow 'dead end' and the pic clicked is charming and has a geometric pattern.

  3. Interesting street scene!
    Near here there is a crossroads with one of the four roads marked 'dead end' and another marked 'no outlet' - What I ask is the difference? I probably would not have thought anything about it if the signs had not been at the same intersection.

  4. I have a recollection of that scene, so you are probably right!

  5. It does look familiar! It looks like an old-style cul de sac. Love the look of the homes here.

    abcw team

  6. It's nice to live in a "dead end" not a lot of traffic !
    ABC Team

  7. The Winter sky has a way of making the colors stand out nicely here.


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