Wednesday, February 12, 2014

ABC Wednesday—E is for "éclair"

If you're in Paris and strolling around the
Marais and you get a hankering for something
sweet, head for this place:  éclairs de génie,
on rue Pavée.  You'll have plenty of delish varieties
to choose from (and, clearly, the sales staff
is not sampling the wares).  Our choice?

This—of course! (And though they're
not huge, they are rich—so the 

three of us happily shared one.)

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  1. Oh, caramel beurre sale....(that's with an accent aigu, not dirty butter...) Yum, yum. I was about to say I'd have a good old chocolate one, but your choice would have been mine.

  2. Sooo tempting! Good thing that shop isn't near my house :-)


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