Monday, January 28, 2013

Bahia Esperanza

This tiny church (picture by my daughter Lila)
serves about 55 people who live at this 

Argentine Antarctic station.  The first person 
born in Antarctica was born here in 1978.

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The place was named Hope Bay for the
three Argentine sailors who were
shipwrecked here in 1902 and survived
the winter in this snug DIY dwelling.


  1. how did they ever survive there? pretty amazing stuff.

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  3. Now this just happens to be the most amazing RT post ever!!! Wow. How awesome is this....gotta love the whole ambiance of this area and your photos are superb.

  4. The church is longer than it is wide, but it still looks like it could be cozy with the congregation sharing whatever body heat leaked out of their cold-weather gear.

    I am with Hootin Anni. This must be unique in the annals of RT.

    I am also with Lili Hydrangea. The tales the survivors could tell must be along the lines of Robinson Crusoe (accidentally locked in and forgotten in some Swedish hotel). There are a lot of birds on the island, so the survivors must have eaten something... “Now where did we put those soggy matches? And the last time we managed to get a fire lit the flames turned blue and froze solid.”

  5. Fascinating photos and history!


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