Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thursday Challenge—"games"

I love Coney Island in winter—but I
didn't get to spend my dime on this game,
which was locked up tight for the season.

[To see more of the Thursday Photo Challenge, go here.]


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  2. The riches we are acquiring here have increased tenfold since yesterday (from Penny to dime).

    The brilliant sunlight, the dark cerulean-blue sky, the clever lettering style and colors thereof, the compositional balance: I love it all.

    But “Skin the Wire”? It had to be different than wire stripping. And, indeed it is. Photo here for the unknowing curious.

  3. Skinning the wire is a newbie to me. I hope you put the saved dime towards some fairy floss, Alexa.

  4. I don't know what "skinning the wire" is, but it's a great sign.


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