Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Weekend in Black and White

This is Stubby—part Manx (and part Tasmanian
devil), I believe—who left us last year.  He had
a tough life until we rescued him and he never
 let anyone forget it.  It took him a very long time to 

accept any kind of affection, but ultimately we came to
an "understanding"—strictly on his terms, of course.

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  1. Since cats have ancient Egyptian ancestors. Stubby’s must certainly be downright pharaonic.

    With his feral background he looks like he could instill fear in all.

    As you say, he was never what you could call a “domestic” cat, was he? He looks like he ever remained a wild cat of the badlands who, at best, barely tolerated those domestics around him.

    How many times were you petting him and have him go in an instant from purring to this?

    (Shh. He would like this kept secret. But, you know, I bet he had a sensitive side to him as well. Perhaps like this cat.)

    Rest in peace my friend (if I may be so bold as to verbally include myself among the privileged select).

    Could he really have completely passed on if he has such an intense presence even now, even here?

  2. Bless you, dear Stubby. He reminds me of a tabby I inherited years ago. He was picked up as a street stray by his previous parent and those instincts were never far away for his first decade. But he did mellow over time. We were good mates by the end. Stubby landed on his paws when you took him home, Alexa.

  3. That is one serious looking cat! A wonderful capture...a sad story.

  4. aww, sweet Stubby. sounds like he had a personality just like our beloved Sylvia who was also feral when she found us many years ago.
    RIP Stubby.

  5. RIP!
    He looks great in B&W, Alexa!

  6. Wonderful cat portrait. He looks like a true character.

  7. He looks very stern, but with his background, I can forgive him.

  8. He looks like a cat that meant business. Great expression!

    It was so good that you took him in, especially when he was a tough customer at first. The fact that he stayed around showed his appreciation of your love and care.


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