Monday, January 14, 2013

Buddha's Hand

In case you're not familiar with this funky
fruit, it's a kind of citron—very useful to have on
hand (so to speak) when you need a ton of zest.

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  1. I have never seen this before! Love the name! And certainly a brilliant yellow! Intriguing!

  2. I have seen the photo with my Malaysian blogger friends, and know they are citrus, but haven't seen any in person. How do you use it?

  3. First time I've seen this fruit. Thanks for sharing.

    Corned Beef Soup

  4. Well now, I have definitely learned of something new today thanks to you. Wow...incredible looking.

    Come view my post if you find time today: They Call ME Mellow Yellow


  5. They're beautiful. I've seen then in Seattle, but haven't eaten any. I'm back; hope to visit regularly now.

  6. Not familiar with it. Great photo!

  7. I am also unfamiliar, so thanks for sharing! Great colors!

  8. This fruit is new to me, too. How do you eat them?


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