Tuesday, January 22, 2013

ABC Wednesday—B is for "blue-footed boobie"

Been saving this one since I got back from
the Galapagos (we were up to the letter M then).
The males attract females by doing a courtship
with their big blue feet—if the female
is impressed, then she joins in.

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  1. Oh, oh. I am impressed with your photo but I have no intention of joining anyone or anything at the moment.

    Nice link. “Look into her pupils. Usually they are round. But at that moment they turn into a heart.”

    Speaking of round, from the title, I thought we were in for something like this.

    I have the idea now that I can be more socially adept with these.

    But you know, mating, and blues make me think rather of the Galapagos than San Francisco Bay.

  2. Yes, I often have ideas that i have to save for weeks! Nice BIRD!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. Another amazing shot Alexa!. Nature is so cool. Thank you for sharing this with us.
    : )

  4. Alexa! This is brilliant! The photo is so sharp that it is as if you were standing very near to it! Great choice for B.
    Wil, ABC Team.

  5. this is so much fun. i can remember when the kids discovered this bird. between those blue legs and the name it brought some joy. we run across pictures of them every once in a while and get such a kick out of it.

  6. Love this picture, and I'm impressed - Galapgos! I longed for travellung there when I was a child.

  7. Absolutely perfect choice for the letter B. Terrific photo too. I'm glad you saved it.

  8. I've never tried blue feet. Wonder if that might work. :-)

  9. That's awesome. Not only does he have blue feet, but a blue bill as well. So cool! Terrific capture. Well worth saving for the letter 'B'.

  10. Ah! I loved the Blue Footed Boobies when I was there!!! We were there November of 2011...fabulous trip!!!

  11. Excellent shot of a fascinating bird! So interesting to see a bird with blue feet.

  12. Oh, great shot of my favorite bird (all kind of Boobies).
    Saw them in Galapagos too, and so many Boobies far out on the ocean from the sailboat. Their flight is awesome.

  13. What an interesting bird. Blue... cool


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