Sunday, September 2, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday

Went to see Mom and took an early-morning
walk around this neighborhood I grew up in.
Very pleasant, but what a snooze—no wonder
I jumped at the first chance to get away (all the
way to Paris)!  On the other hand, I'm now
in a position to appreciate the swell selection
of shadows to be found around here.

[To see more Sunday shadows, go here.]


  1. Paris! Whoo hoo! I want the city of Paris as my snooze alarm too!

    Those high-contrast shadows in your mother’s neighborhood and the mention of the City of Love could inspire a paper artist in a way such as this.

  2. A house painted with great shadows.

  3. Lovely crisp shadow. I know what you mean about some places being a snooze....

  4. Nature art at its best!

    Playful Shadow
    Have a blessed Sunday!

  5. I can only guess that Paris, France was livelier :-) but it looks such a nice place in your picture!

  6. Gorgeous display of shadow patterns! Like a floral parade!

  7. I think your post has the most shadows in it of all I have viewed tonight. It is so pretty. What a wonderful walk around the old neighborhood. I am going to be doing that in just 2 weeks and cannot wait. genie


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