Friday, September 28, 2012

Nature's Currency

The sun and clouds reflected in this
ornamental pond at my favorite garden
made the lily pads look like bright silver coins.

[Too see more Skywatch, go here. To see more
Weekend Reflections, visit James's meme.]

BTW, I'm off on a little excursion tonight.
Will have my iPad with me and will try to
stay in touch—but have no idea what
kind of Internet connections I'll encounter
(or, more likely, won't).  Either way, I've posted
ahead and will be back stateside on 10/8.


  1. They do look like silver coins. So nice how you used the light.

    I like those purples and blues and the way the photo shifts to high-contrast black and white in the far corner. At first I thought it was moss then I realized the bottom right is reflecting clouds.

    Did you spell that right? It’s not “EyePad”?

  2. I have iPad eNvy, Alexa!! And that's a wonderful post title to go with a wonderful photo. Have a beautiful time, take care and enjoy. x0

  3. {And that's a very sweet little frog, TG! I love frogs, whether they turn into princes or not.}

  4. Hi there - I like this picture! I try to post sky shots with no sky from time to time! Its a good challenge!

    Stewart M - Australia

  5. Wow! This is amazing! Smartly clicked indeed:)

  6. That is an incredible shot! I have caught the water looking silver but never lily pads like that. Wow!

  7. What a wonderful reflection, and so beautifully captured! Incidentally my skyshot this week is a reflection too!
    Plz see it here:

  8. Very attractive image. Love the strong contrast.

  9. The photo itself if beautiful and poetic.

    Such a refreshing photo to see.

    Have a great weekend.:)

  10. Love the way you shot this! Gorgeous.

  11. Wow, that is brautiful, great shot. Love the light. Have a nice weekend

  12. Just beautiful! Now bring on the golden frogs! :)

  13. Wonderful reflection. Lovely photo.

  14. Very lovely!

    Happy weekend.


  15. Wow, Alexa, that is so pretty ! It is a theme we see often see in the contest, the pond with the water lily, but I just love the light you caught here. The colors are great.

  16. how did u make them sliver? what about mak them gold for me. I am broke.

  17. Really beautiful shot : )


  18. Your amazing shot looks like a beautifully recognisable abstract with it's clever colour change from the expected blue and green to the exotic dark and silver! FAAABULOUS!


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