Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ruby Tuesday

I just got back from a wonderful looong
weekend visiting good friends out in
Montauk.  My friends like to set out a buffet for
the local birds—their feeders are visited mostly by
dun-colored little chickadees and big black grackles, 

but this bright cardinal stopped by for a snack too.

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  1. What a distinctive colour! I'm glad you had a lovely long weekend away with your friends, Alexa. Happy Tuesday.

  2. Very nice closeup of Mr. Cardinal!

  3. I put my bird feeders out once the weather gets cold and feed the birds through the winter. Cardinals are plentiful and my favorite visitors to the feeders. Very nice capture. Happy Ruby Tuesday.

  4. What a lovely shade of red! Wonderful photo of the cardinal!

  5. Nice mix of reds and greens, and it was good of you to somehow get him to look our way.

    It would have been a cardinal sin not to have shared this with us.

  6. pretty female Cardinal :D hope you could visit my Ruby Tuesday here: http://www.lovehomegrowgarden.info/2012/09/04/garden-flowers-torch-ginger-lily/


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