Sunday, September 9, 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday

I pulled this one out of the archives,
because I love Coney Island—but most
especially in the off-season, when I can
have this long pier almost to myself
(and I don't have to stand in line
to get a hot dog at Nathan's).

[To see more Sunday shadows, go here.]


  1. I am a pier lover. What a nice one. And I love bikes too :-)

  2. I guess it won't be long before you'll have the pier and hotdogs to yourself again, Alexa. This is a lovely atmospheric shot.

  3. I wonder how long that pier actually is....what a great perspective and pleasure to come!

  4. Nice shot with all those perspective lines.

  5. Before I even read 'hot dog', I was thinking of one when you wrote 'Coney Island'.

    Good one with these shadows.

  6. What a nice shot of the pier and the shadows!

  7. I do always love rhythm and perspective in a photo. This one's especially nice because it's a pier on the ocean.

  8. I would love to stand by there for few moments and enjoy the ocean breeze.

    Come and see the shadows of Wild Berries.

  9. Oh I love it too dear. The composition is superb and the shadows knocked my socks off.


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