Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Weekend in Black and White

I try not to take for granted the little things that make
my life easier: post-it notes, a nail file, staples . . . and these
little beauties, which apparently were invented in 1900
(though I definitely don't remember them being around for
my entire life) by a clever man named Edwin Moore.

[To see more monochromes, visit Dragonstar's meme.]



  1. You've made something very humble look very attractive, Alexa. This is ideal for black and white!

  2. Creative and a great post in B&W!

  3. The clear one looks like a bit of a renegade.

    I tried to use a push pin to mark a favorite spot on Google Street View but I found out that idea was all wet.

  4. I don't remember push-pins when I was younger either. I do remember stepping on thumbtacks...which I guess is why push-pins were invented, since they don't go 'sharp-side up'.

    Saw on Genie's blog you like YSL Rive, too, next to L'Heure Bleue de Guerlain.

    I like this BW photo very much.

  5. Great b/w and love that peek of dots in the corner. I do not remember these, only thumb tacks. I am a art-supply and office-supply junkie so I have these in many colors - hah!

    I still have an empty bottle of Paris YSL and wore Rive Gauche for many years.


  6. Very striking photo! Sometimes those "little things" can be quite significant.

  7. The collection is very attractive, and makes a fine photo. Excellent.


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