Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday Challenge—"wonderful"

Hard to choose one thing to convey "wonderful,"
but I would immediately list good friends,
good food, and a string of lazy, sunny days—and 
you can enjoy all these gifts at the beach (as I just did) . . .
If you don't live and work in an insanely hyper city
 like New York, you may not be able to fully 
appreciate just how wonderful a respite it was!

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  1. As pretty as a painting.

    Keening seagulls. Swooshing waves seining the shore with their nets of foam. Brilliant sunshine, a halo in the blue sky. Children’s voices turquoise with playful liquid laughter. “Just what I wanted,” pulled cool from the ice chest. Bare feet sinking in too-hot sand, then cooled and coddled at ocean’s edge. And sometimes just breathing that crystalline ocean air alive with its own crow’s feet of smiles.

    Sounds more than good. Your word is perfect.

  2. Looks like a wonderful day at the beach. :)

  3. I like nothing better than making sand castles when I am at the beach...still at my ripe old age.

  4. This is a lovely shot. Wonderful indeed. :-)


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