Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday Challenge—"music"

This is my favorite musician: my brother Chris.
He teaches band, so he also plays the clarinet, flute,
trumpet, flugelhorn . . . and whatever other instruments
are played by band members—and piano too!
(He can also sing and play the drums at the same time. Impressive!)

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  1. The video is excellent! I love that. That's great! So congrats to Chris. And congrats to you for the framing and hands motion on your picture!

  2. Sounds like Chris has a rich and rewarding life! Impressive, for sure. You must be very proud, Alexa {as he would be of you}.

  3. Oh my! What fun and wonderful talent - I watched that video twice and I would have been like the guy in the white shirt who could not get enough! You must have had a lot of fun growing up with a live-wire like Chris...


  4. Talented musician brother, talented photographer sister. Good catch!

  5. wouw .... your brother is a real musician. My to, but I only play the clarinet.

  6. That is impressive! Great picture

  7. Love the action shot. And great music!


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