Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day

This big red sculpture (Joie de Vivre, by Mark di Suvero)
stands at Broadway and Cedar St., in  Zuccotti Park—
once actual, now symbolic home of the Occupy Wall St.
protestors.  They've been fomenting a bit of mayhem
(a general strike would be nice) for this day, and I'm
curious to see what they're able to generate.  

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  1. It seems very appropriate, Alexa.

  2. SO AM I!! Great that you did this post!

  3. I remember the image of a protestor who made his "nest" on the middle platform of this sculpture, and had to be evacuated with a fire department ladder!

  4. Beautiful capture. Happy RT2!

    Mine's here.

  5. beautiful capture, Hope you could visit me here Wifey Online Diary


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