Tuesday, May 8, 2012

ABC Wednesday—Q is for "quartz"

This amazing chunk of quartz can be seen at—
where else?—the Museum of Natural History.

Almost all of the 3,700 gems in their 
collection are on display, but only 3 percent 
of the 90,000+ minerals.  That's a lot of rocks!

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  1. Quartz is definately beautiful. This one is phenomenol,I'm sure the museum would be a wonderful place to visit. Great Q word.

  2. My perspective gets all micro/macro warped. One moment this light-suffused microcosm is a cityscape of the future and the next I see it as a giant playground for spelunkers.

  3. Ha ha yes! I thought "Museum of Natural History" as soon as I saw the picture!

  4. I have a feeling my dad would enjoy touring this museum! {Those gems - always showing off.}

  5. pretty stuff
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. this is beautiful! i see quartz and other rocks in a New Age shop near my favorite coffee shop.:p

  7. I love crystals... I have a rose quartz pendant I often wear. I hope to be back commenting now on a fairly regular basis.


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