Friday, May 4, 2012

Skywatch Friday

Early-morning clouds over lower Manhattan—
I'm so glad the weather has warmed up enough now
that I can break up my subway ride with a walk
across the Brooklyn Bridge pretty much every day.

How lucky am I to start my day with this view?

[To see more Skywatch, go here.]


  1. Always a beautiful light over Manhattan upper harbour. I love that. The middle of the Brooklin Bridge is the most beautiful place to be in the world. Lucky? Yes you are!

  2. It's spectacular, Alexa. Whenever I see scenes like this on TV shows or in movies, I think of you.

  3. And what a poetic picture too!

  4. How nice to walk on the Brooklin Bridge every morning! I'll never forget the view from there. Super!

  5. Wow what a view to start your day. Have a great weekend.


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