Wednesday, May 30, 2012

ABC Wednesday—T is for "trust"

Took this shot at the same spot as yesterday's photo.
These kids were here on a school trip to NYC, 

and their teachers brought them to Brooklyn, 
blindfolded them, and led them up onto the 
Brooklyn Bridge for their first view of the city.

Moments after I took that picture, they
were told to remove their blindfolds—
and this is what they saw!

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  1. Wow! Trust - they must, indeed! What a nice shot and good idea for a T


  2. That's a great idea! A worthy T post!
    Wil, ABC Team

  3. Clever idea! Big apple for a big surprise !

  4. Trust is very important.

    T is for ...
    Hope to see you.

  5. I like this idea! The Brooklyn Bridge - another one I've never been on, but dream about.

  6. What a clever, clever teacher! Great idea and equally great photo.

  7. that is so cool
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  8. Fun post! And what a great scene to see after the blindfolds came off.

  9. I'm sure the students were anxious and excited! Just don't let go of that person in front of you.

  10. Great photos, but I hate that kind of excercise! ;) Took part in something similar once in Germany, a walk in a forest up a mountain in the dark. And down again. The down part ruined half the rest of the holiday for me (leg muscles got so tense I nearly couldn't walk at all for several days afterwards)


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