Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday Challenge — "communication"

This one is compliments of my daughter Kate
(though I did lend her my favorite camera),
taken when she was up in the Arctic.
This is a special kind of communication, because
not everyone can "talk" with walruses as this
fellow apparently can—and (so Katie claims) did!

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  1. Wow, it must be really impressive to be there. And since it has been taken with your camera I guess it counts as yours :-)

  2. Aren't they gorgeous! Kate put your camera to great use on her trip, Alexa ~ it's lovely to see some of her quite amazing experiences.

  3. I think, this is a very special picture for you!
    Very nice!

  4. Wonderful picture! You must be very happy lending your camera out to your daughter! ;-)

  5. Lovely pic and nice take on the theme. I had Dolphins communicating!

  6. Wonderful photo! Sounds like the trip was an incredible experience!

  7. Thanks, y'all!
    Shell -- Stay tuned: she just got back from Vietnam.
    TG -- I was hoping someone would say that; might've known it would be you.

  8. Vietnam! Have been watching Vietnam movies recently: Journey from the Fall; Three Seasons; The Quiet American; The Beautiful Country; and Owl and the Sparrow. Two oldies which were most beautiful were The Scent of Green Papaya, and The Lover (I felt that the book was about death; the movie about life).

    An IMDb list here.

    Also Vietnamese music.

    I am looking forward to some of Katie’s VN pics; never having been but think of going...


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