Monday, December 5, 2011

Balaenoptera musculus

aka the great blue whale, which can be 100 feet
long and weigh as much as 200 tons!
This one lives at the Museum of Natural History,
of course—one of my favorite places in NYC.

[To see more blue things, visit Sally's meme.]


  1. this is probably my favorite thing about this place.

  2. Without a doubt, this is our largest blue entry!

    Happy Blue Monday to you, Alexa!

  3. I love this place. If I ever get back to NYC, we'll go. I remember my grandfather taking me there and I saw the huge dinosaur (brontosaurus, or whatever it's now called?)

  4. What an awesome sight and filled with with so many shades of blue.

  5. Beautiful blue.

    Come see the Blue at my page when you get a chance. Thank you!

  6. Love the curve of the great blue whale!

  7. Wow, so cool.. Amazing!

    Visiting for BM! Hope you can visit mine too..

  8. Great pic in this dark room! Did you use a tripod? Isa's favourite museum... mine is the Met!


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