Saturday, December 3, 2011

Say Cheese!

There are enterprising folks selling all manner of
things on the street in Soho.  This guy had some
kind of Polaroid-type camera and was able to take a
picture and develop it very quickly.  I watched him
for about 20 minutes while I waited for someone,
and in that time he made at least $50.   Hmmmm . . .


  1. Oh, gosh, I remember those cameras. My grandfather had one, and when the photo came out, he'd let me smear it with some sort of goo when the picture appeared.

  2. P.S. On second glance, that camera isn't exactly the same type as my grandfather's, but still your photo brought back memories.

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  4. SOHO! I recognized it at first glance. Cast iron! :)

  5. If you ever wanted a sideline, Alexa, I'll bet you'd have them queuing up!

  6. Those are lawyer rates nearly :-)
    PS. This year we'll be heading South to Florida. We did have 5 inches of snow in NYC last year. It was nice but not more snow planned for this year :-) Thanks for your interest.


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