Wednesday, December 14, 2011

abc wednesday —V is for "Vietnam"

My daughter Katie headed off yet again—this time
to Vietnam.  This is the Mekong Delta.  All the images
 of this place in my head are from newscasts of the war years
(and movies), so it's especially nice to see this peaceful shot.

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  1. Timeless.

    Wow. I just watched “Buffalo Boy” from Netflix today. Katie’s photo could be (was!) a scene from the movie which took place in the Mekong Delta of the 1940s.

    The movie is slow-paced but I liked seeing a different time, place, and people from anything I have known.

    How was her trip? Any other details?

  2. I want to be a traveler like your daughter.

    Please inspire me with your comment at my V entry thanks!

  3. Indeed lovely. I have a Vietnamese friend in Paris who traveled to the country of his ancestors for the first time last year...such beauty.

  4. TG -- Katie's trip was for work, but "work" in this case meant traveling from Hong Kong to Singapore via Vietnam on a luxury liner, with her own personal butler and everything gratis. I'm thinking I chose the wrong career. Stay tuned—I'll probably be "borrowing" more of her photos.

  5. the US relationship with Vietnam has changed VERILY.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. The Vietnam of today I understand is much different than what those of us remember from the 1960s. I think I would like to visit it too.

  7. Looks wonderfully tranquil.
    Joy, ABC Team

  8. Thank you for the info, Alexa. I know what you mean about feeling like you are in the wrong business. Now I am curious what Katie’s is. I imagine her work attire to be based on something like this.

    Her cabin and facilities also contrast somewhat with those I could afford, such as this cruise ship with sky-lit accommodations.

  9. I envy her. Always wanted to visit this place :)

    Pheno, ABCW

  10. Wonderful photo. Hope she has a good trip!

  11. Just watched this 1984 Vietnamese movie, completely at YouTube:
    When the Tenth Month Comes. I love melodramas.

    (The segments automatically succeed each other)

  12. You must proud and maybe a bit apprehensive at the same time with your daughter traveling so far away.

  13. Another long-haul traveller..."Like mother like daughter" do they say!


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