Tuesday, March 1, 2011

That's My World

My blogpal Virginia recently featured a "cadenas d'amour," locked onto
one of the bridges over the Seine.  And I've shown "lucchetti d'amore" in Italy.
These locks of love are starting to accumulate on the
Brooklyn Bridge too.  This is the first one I've seen with rings
attached (and this is the first picture I took with my new phone).

[See more of the world here.]


  1. On my recent trip to Paris, I placed a lock with my name and my late husband's on the Pont des Arts, since Paris is where it all began....I threw the keys in the Seine.

  2. Bibi -- that is SO touching.

  3. that is so touching Bibi! I have goosebumps...
    so Alexa, are you loving your new phone?
    : )

  4. Oh my, I was taken with your photo and now I am touched to tears by P's story... Hugs to you my dear friend... and to you too, Alexa...

    Gros bisous,

  5. Bibi --Looks like we're all (understandably) verklempt.
    Lily -- It's a bit of a learning curve (wait— I can do what with this thing?), but yes, I totally understand the obsession. And I'm having lots of fun—you too, right?
    Genie -- moi auussi.

  6. Bibi, that is so moving...

    I haven't seen these "love locks" before now. Heartwarming!


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