Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bryant Park

At lunchtime, the joint is jumpin' and you can't find an empty chair.
At 6 pm . . . it's a different story.  (I've shown you this park before.)

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  1. I love how NYC does not put away their tables and chairs just because it may be winter. I really wish that happened here, but it is near impossible to find patio seating except in the summer months.

  2. I reckon I'd take along my own folding chair. These may be pretty but not inviting enough to tempt me :-)

  3. Very inviting.
    Looks like a nice place. :)

  4. Finally found some free time to write a bit. Love this photo and miss NYC...

  5. Beautiful capture of the park Alexa!

  6. Noticed Bibi's comment, I think she should pop over to NY before heading back to Belgrade for a reunion on the Brooklyn Bridge!

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  8. le seul parc à la française, j'adore ce parc, apres de longue promenade dans NYC, j'aime bien venir me reposer dans ce parc....C'EST LE PLUS BEAU DE TOUS ;))

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