Saturday, March 26, 2011

photo Hunt — "caged"

Up on the towers of Notre Dame, the chimera are free to fly off (if they could),
but the humans are caged for their own protection—and that of the people below!


  1. I LOVE this. & I am sitting here wondering what you are doing in your favorite city right at this very moment.

  2. Hi Alexa. Looks like you're having a wonderful time in Paris!

    I have a similar photo that was taken of me standing between the two gargoyles during my first trip to Paris in 1985, long before the fence went up. I'll try to scan it and email it to you...just for fun!
    Ciao, Marie.

  3. So are you saying you climbed all the way up there? Bravo mon amie.

  4. They're not gargoyles, ILAB. a gargoyle is a rainspout. The word derives from Low Latin gurgulio - throat. They can be called 'grotesques', but there may be a better word.


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