Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday Challenge — "cars"

What in the world do you do with a car in Venice?  In
this case, park it in your yard (another relative rarity in this town)
and turn it into a planter.  This is (or was) actually an official
Venetian vehicle:  On the doors it says "Commune di Venezia."
I'd be grateful to anyone who can explain this car's existence.

[You can see more cars here.]


  1. My first reaction was a golf-cart or Indian motorized rickshaw in a different color! Cute little thing, and for sure a good planter...

  2. maybe it once was used to deliver things?

    Pretty picture!

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  4. That is a Piaggio Ape. If you google that, you can arrive at the Wikipedia page to learn more about it.

    The Comune of Venice also includes part of the mainland where, of course, they have cars.

  5. Does it float like a boat? It is a gorgeous shade of turquoise... perhaps it is narrow enough to traverse the sidewalks but I cannot imagine.

    Great capture!

  6. Thanks, Cat. I was thinking that maybe this cute little Ape once lived on the Lido. It's definitely the only car I've ever seen in Venice itself, outside Piazzale Roma. :~}


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