Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Weekend in Black and White

Making the trip back to Venice from the
colorful island of Burano, with
the sun sparkling on the lagoon and the
campanile of San Marco standing
sentry in the distance—so beautiful!

[To see more b/w images, visit
Dragonstar's meme.]


  1. An evocative image - I can feel the dimming warmth of the sun and smell the dampness of the lagoon.

  2. Beautiful composition, and perfect in b&w. Love the rhythm of the piers going out into the water.

  3. Lovely composition in the frame and the glitter in the water

  4. I love the sparkles, and the solid black of the wood. Great photo.

  5. I, too, like the wave-reflected light. And, yes, the campanile in the distance makes of the scene irrefutably one of great Venetian beauty.

  6. Great image! That sparkle on the water is fantastic!


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