Friday, May 26, 2017

Rome in the rain

I was here in Rome once in November,
when the weather was a bit,
shall we say, dramatic here on the
Ponte Vittorio Emanuele.  I'm posting
 ahead and hoping that it's
 and sunny while I'm here now.
(Either way, it's beautiful!)

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  1. Hello, what a pretty scene from Rome! I like the statue! Enjoy your day and happy weekend!

  2. That's a lovely frame. Indeed, we have a sunny day here in Jaipur, India

  3. Beautiful shot and it looks like you got your warm and sunny weather. :-)

  4. Well I hope you do not have rain this time. Have a lovely weekend

  5. There's rain everywhere it seems....I love the smell of old city streets in the rain.

  6. Such great atmosphere, but that is easy for me to say while indoors here warm and dry and not out there in it. The various points of light are superbly well balanced.

    At first I thought the two crouching figures were like, “Gaak! Rain! My hair is gonna get all frizzy!” And the spaced-out standing guy was, “Do I hear thunder?” But it turns out that they are, appropriately enough—considering recent Rome weather reports—allegorical figures representing Oppression Defeated. As in: oppressive weather now clear and sunny.

  7. Even in the rain this city looks amazing


  8. Very beautiful, even (or especially) in the rain!!

  9. True, rain or shine, I would think Rome is beautiful. I've only seen it bathed in sunshine.

    Worth a Thousand Words


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