Monday, May 8, 2017

Love Graffiti Crew

It's come up on this blog before—
as much 
as I hate no-talent tagging, I love 
graffiti art.  This falls somewhere in the
middle, I think, but I do like it a lot;
it's colorful and clever and has a 
great sense of humor.

[Linking back to Monday Mural 
at Oakland Daily Photo.]


  1. I have a fascination with lettering styles. I would agree with you that this is somewhere between creative and junky (not that that is exactly your opinion).

    It makes me think of ancient Mayan glyphs. To quote from this site: “Mayan glyphs display a great deal more variation in shape than one would expect in most writing systems,” such as these three versions of a glyph representing the exact same thing. A reader would know that each of the three would be read the exact same way within the logosyllabic context. This is one reason why they were so hard to decipher.

    Wiki Mayan Script article

    Like with this graffito, there was a great deal of artistic creativity involved in the Mayan writing system.

    Up there, I think I like the red R the best.

  2. i love the pop of color it adds!

  3. Very colourful and artistic.


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