Wednesday, May 3, 2017

ABC Wednesday—Q is for "quaint"

 . . . and also for "queen."  This is part of 
Marie-Antoinette's Petit Hameau, her little
escape from the rigors of being royalty.
(Don't blame her a bit—seriously, who would

want to live in the palace at Versailles?)

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  1. This was my favorite part of Versailles. Yes, it is quite quaint, and I felt that it is ironic that she found pleasure in, on the surface, trying to live a semblance of a life that looks to be in sympathy with common people; contrary to the “let-them-eat-cake” meme. Nonetheless, behind the surface (or through the door), I am sure it was still “Versailles,” such as at the dairy.

    It’s nice how you added a sense of depth to the image by including the gate in the near foreground


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