Thursday, May 25, 2017

signs, signs

And today we're headed to Rome.
This sign is in the Capitoline Museum,

in Rome, and has been around
for a few millennia.  I don't read Latin,
but can make out a few words:
pontifical, senate, kings, first (and I'll
guess that "Ti Clau Aug" is Tiberius
Claudius Caesar Augustus).

[To see more signs, go here.]


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  2. Spot on about Claudius (of Robert Graves’ I, Claudius fame). This is from the Arch of Claudius dedicated in AD 51. A complete translation and information can be found here. Although Pontifex Maximus does have papal connotations, and therefor “pontifical,” in ancient Rome it was more about this.

    1. There is a conjectured reconstruction of the missing three quarters of the plaque here. Although it is written in Latin it might as well be Greek to me.

    2. Me too, TG. I could use my classically educated Dad for this one.

  3. I think this qualifies as the oldest sign. Neat find!


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