Friday, December 9, 2016

Weekend Reflections

I look forward to this every year:
For about a week before Thanksgiving, 
all the trees across from my
office get wrapped with thousands
of little white lights.

And when I leave work in the dark the
next Monday, they're all lit up.

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  1. Something about this looked familiar.

    I kept looking at the lights wondering where the trees were: just lights, mostly ghostly trees. But of course, those are the reflections! Off the shiny stone cladding and windows?

    White lights are rather generic. They need not be holiday season only. Year round gets my vote too.

    1. Yup—they do it every year. The ones you link back to are actually directly across the street from the ones reflected here in the shiny stone cladding of this building. In all, 15–20 trees on either side of the street.

    2. It was that 780 in both photos...

      It’s really quite amazing how you got the tree trunks going down the stone verticals.

  2. lovely looks like the trees are floating in air.

  3. Very pretty - rather like snowflakes falling in formation?

  4. The trees don't look like reflections at all. Excellent photo.


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