Monday, December 5, 2016

Greece? No . . .

This is in Paris's 14th arrondissement.
I got a kick out of the Greek-themed mural 
filling a 5-story wall next to a
Chinese take-out joint—in France.

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  1. Massive mural! Certainly makes the building stand out!

  2. That is an evocative mural. I was looking with the greatest envy at that palm tree, rowboat, and windmill on a sunny Greek isle until I found out that Greek winters are much like winters here, now. Maybe not frostbite, but brrr.

    It’s nice how you clipped out the tacky little billboards below the bottom of the mural. The contrast in imagined and actual architectural styles, along with that spicy splash of red shop sign with Chinese writing add a lot of eclectic interest.

    By the way, although primarily a take-out joint they do offer, at Castle Peak in France (if you believe the Chinese characters as translated by Google), an eat-in dining option, if you don’t mind stairs.


  3. Hi Alexa, Thank you for your sweet comment on my post.
    The tall mural is beautiful. Think about what a huge job that must have been.Impressive!

  4. Great looking mural complete with traditional Greek colors. It adds eye appeal to the neighborhood.


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