Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thursday Challenge—"everyday"

This may not be an "everyday" sight for
many folks, but I have this view
of the Chrysler (my fave NYC) Building
every night on my way home from
work.  And I never take it for granted.

[To see more of the Thursday Photo
Challenge, visit Dale's meme.]


  1. I am thrilled just looking at it in this photo. What it must be for you right there. Lucky!

    And to think that it could have been.

  2. The Art Deco Chrysler Building is also one of my favorites in NYC. Great night photo of this iconic scene.

  3. indeed, not to me, i've never laid eyes on it -)

  4. It's a beautiful photo :-)
    Nice evening

    Greetings Vonnieb


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