Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thursday Challenge—"rare"

On our Arctic expedition a couple of months ago,
on a day when we found ourselves in
the midst of a herd of reindeer, we were also
lucky enough to spot this Arctic fox.
Our guides told us that is very rare indeed!

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Challenge, visit Dale's meme.]


  1. indeed not likely to come across one of these to often

  2. Nice capture. Have a good Thursday

    much love...

  3. A good action scene. I wonder what prey it is attentive to. I see that their coats are colored in summer. In winter snow, with white coats, they might photograph like this.

    Every time I have seen a fox I have felt that it has been a rare privilege. But an arctic fox? It would be like finding a pearl here. Some interesting stuff on arctic foxes here.

  4. Arctic fox, that's cool. I've seen only one fox in my life. It was ginger one.It was summer night in London, the door was opened.He was looking for food probably, but I was scared, that he might have a rabies.Next day I heard, foxes were nothing special in that neighbourhood:) I like picture very much.


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