Thursday, December 22, 2016

signs, signs

Back in the (18th-century or so) day, if
your footwear was better than your
reading comprehension and you needed
to have your boots repaired, I guess
you'd just have to look for a sign like this
 know you'd found a cobbler.
(I spotted this one in the heart of Bordeaux.)

[To see more signs, go here.]


  1. That is a beautiful boot sign. A creative, sculpted sign.

  2. I've always enjoyed signs like this one.

  3. I really love the detail in these boots (shadow makes two), but how can we tell that the sign just doesn’t indicate that the proprietor is a legendary figure.

    One can also find a cobbler at a shop with a sign which holds mounted this sculpture.

  4. A terrific sign. I love these sorts of signs.

  5. That is quite a fancy boot!
    Merry Christmas - Joyeux Noel


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