Sunday, December 18, 2016

Shadow Shot Sunday

Here's a quiet corner behind the scenes
at Paris's most beautiful opera
house, the Opera Garnier, where it's
mostly ballet that's performed these days.

[To see more Sunday shadows, go here.]


  1. Great window and light in your photo.

  2. It’s fascinating how you went for the “shadow shot” when behind you was all this. By “behind the scenes” I assume you were on a tour not normally accessible to the average in-and-out tourist. I’m afraid I could spend hours clicking around here on Google Street Views and get thoroughly lost. I clicked on the 7th level and realized that there is a ballet studio under the dome, complete with mirror and barres, of course.

    Thank you. It may be far from as good as actually being there but I never would have been able to take this virtual tour without being inspired by your window with shadows.

    1. Phantom of the Opera lake. Opera Garnier lake.

      Clicking on that passage to the left here we can see how extensive the lake actually is. Much more so than that dominant rectangle would have us believe. It would be easy to imagine, at least, some surprises in, beyond, or through those nooks, niches, and tunnels. Gaston Leroux was maybe not so far off the mark.


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