Monday, October 31, 2016

knock, knock

This beautiful knocker is on the gate
that leads into the Museum of
Decorative Arts in Bordeaux. (If I didn't
live in a co-op, where we have
certain rules about uniformity, i.e., I don't
get to choose, I'd paint my front door
this color in a New York minute.)

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  1. Come in.”

    A nice collection of old and new. I would love to visit.

  2. Oh, that's quite lovely! My door is white, but I could paint it another color if I want...trouble is, I'm the last apartment, under the eaves, and I wonder what people would think... I've already 'decorated' the space in front with little Buddhas, a Ganesha, a Bhoot face, (scroll half-way down), and a small Lakshmi. Got myself covered; I think the door might be too much. I have a n old-fashioned door knocker in the shape of a key that I bought in Sarlat.

  3. What a beautiful ornate door knocker!


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