Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Cimetière Montparnasse

I visited a number of cemeteries on my recent
trip to France. This is the Montparnasse
Cemetery, second-largest in Paris and final

resting place of Charles Baudelaire,
Samuel Beckett, Auguste Bartholdi, Jean Seberg,
Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre
(who are together even here), and about
40,000 other souls.

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  1. Wow! How incredible they make little mausoleums to bury their families. Very similar to Italy.

  2. I became curious about the mausoleums. I wondered if it was the underground water level that as in New Orleans that led to the above ground burials. In turn that led to learning about the dual water system of Paris. That led to learning of the work of Haussmann's Paris renovations. New wrinkles on the brain of an old woman in Texas thanks to your lovely photo.

  3. Looks like Léon Ginain, the architect, 1825 – 1898, whose bust is at the top left, not only did some restoration work on the Acropolis but also created the Palais Galleria.

    Janice Adcock piqued my interest regarding the dual water system of Paris. Thank you Janice. I was always curious about those rolled-up carpets. They are not there in the gutters of Paris just to direct water into the drains but also to direct water from those spouts, using the non-potable water from the dual water system. I think I am coming to an understanding now.

    I feel, Alexa, as if you have given me also today enough new wrinkles on my cerebral cortex to match those wrinkles dermatologically external to it on my body-wide integumentary system. Or, as thy say: One picture...

    1. Make that Palais Galliera. May have been auto-correct. May have been blind stupidity.


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