Monday, October 17, 2016

Blue Monday

This "club" of pétanque (i.e., boules) players is
hidden away in the 15th arrondissement
in Paris.  Thanks to my wonderful friend and
traveling companion Genie
(who does the blog Paris and Beyond)
for introducing me to this place.

The men and women who play here have
obviously been part of the club for
many years—there's so much warmth and 

camaraderie on display,  yet 
they take the game very seriously.
I learned a lot while I was watching them.

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  1. Beautiful blue :) I like jeu de boules.

  2. You found just the right touches of blue today.

  3. Hello Alexa, This does look like a fun time. Is it Bocci ball? I can't tell what kind of game this is. Maybe it is a kind of handball. Anyway, if you were impressed, so am I. Big smile here.

    Happy Blue Monday and thank you for your sweet comment about my post.


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