Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thursday Challenge—"sign"

I've borrowed this photo from my daughter Katie,
who took it when she was in Alaska—and
must sheepishly admit that its meaning was
not instantly apparent to me.  (My initial thought:
 Why would anyone park their car under
a coal chute in the first place?)

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  1. I laughed at the incongruity of something I had never seen before, yet in that familiar, yellow-street-sign context.

    My first impression was, “Some kind of industrial slag?” Oozing black gunk. Your “coal chute” does it, not unlike something here. But then the symbol at top center serves to reverse the colors and everything clicks. Alaska! I feel sorry for that guy when the broken-off icicle hits, though. Not to mention when the block of ice fondles his rear window.

  2. Nice sign not one we would see here in the Netherlands ;)

  3. If you live in a cold place this sign is instantly clear. Good to avoid having a couple tons of snow fall on you.

  4. It took some looking, but I see the meaning now. You definitely don't want an icicle on your head or car ! Very nice for today!

  5. Roof snow slides and icicles can be dangerous is my best guess. But that's cause seen it happen! Nice take on the theme.


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