Friday, May 29, 2015

Weekend Reflections

Everything about the Petit Palais,
in Paris, is beautiful—from the ceilings . . .

right down to the floors.

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  1. It would take a resident of the Petit Palais (Mask of Dionysos Tauros) to properly express how I feel looking at this beauty: drunkenly agape.

  2. Must agree with you about the beauty of this place. Your reflections work beautifully with the interior ceiling.

  3. Beautiful place, beautiful reflection!

  4. lovely building...fabulous floors and great reflections

  5. I have never been inside of the Petit Palais but it sure looks beautiful. Great shots!

  6. I love your composition and details, beautiful - Please do come and visit and link it up for today's Travel Photo Mondays - the post will be up all week so I hope you can join us too!


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