Sunday, May 17, 2015

Shadow Shot Sunday

It's a pretty timepiece, but it's an hour fast.

Maybe she forgot to fall back before she
sprang forward . . . or something.

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  1. Time was such a haphazard thing long ago. We are so lucky to live in the modern world. All we have to do is take out our smartphones, put them on flashlight mode, and regardless of the weather or even if it is night we can still read the time by shining the light on such as the butterfly gnomon above.

    The time discrepancy could be due to season, adjustment, how she was set in position, or maybe in the 92 years since she first stood there the Earth has been slowly beginning to spin out of control!

    But personally I think you are on to something. After the park closes I see her as dancing in the moonlight, and being dizzy with delight she never quite gets back in the same place before the gardeners arrive in the morning.

    (With respect to “Roses of Yesterday” by the sculptor Harriet W. Frishmuth)

  2. She would not be an hour fast if she were in Arizona.


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