Sunday, May 3, 2015

Shadow Shot Sunday

This past week has turned out to be all about
(very) different variations on a theme:

a painted piano (on Wed.) and a classic version
(on Sat.),
a famous ceiling (on Thurs.) and this one—
which is in
 my own little kitchen in Brooklyn.

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  1. Your kitchen ceiling has a lot going for it, ma chère! A lovely shot ...

  2. ditto what Miss Sherree said! And a pretty color scheme too.

  3. You have had a great week of posts. Loved both pianos and your ceiling today. That is a fine reflection. Nothing like playing with light.

  4. I have had a lot of impressions looking at this. I like how the bright sunlight through the window pretty much bleaches out most of the actual hanging discs leaving their shadows on the ceiling. The wall configurations of angles and curves. Now that is unusual. A good room for sound recordings I understand. It kind of reminds me of the sixth-floor, corner-room garret I stayed in in Paris. Those angles are so much more appealing than boring old 90º angles and perpendicularity. Your cabinet even reminds me of the one in that Paris hotel room. A portent of the place of a room in your future?

    But just now I realized something. Brilliance such as this from a window doesn’t normally strike a ceiling. The light would have to be coming from below. I can think of other unusual circumstances but I am wondering if the light wasn’t sunlight being reflected off snow. If not snow, what could it be?

    I read in the newspaper weather section that NY is having pretty good weather today. You deserve it.

    1. Well done, Sherlock! This sunshine came after a torrential downpour and is reflecting off a huge puddle. (And the century-old Hoosier cabinet was my grandmother's.) As for my future digs, a 6th-floor corner garret is probably what I can afford—but I'll take it!

  5. The comment from Tall Gary is as interesting as the photo! I too had wondered if the light was from a lower angle, such as a sunset and felt extreme height when looking at the photo, even wondering at your position while taking the shot.


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