Friday, January 30, 2015

Good Morning

When I fly within the U.S., I like to be 

on the first flight in the morning.  That way, 
obviously, I'm not waiting for the plane 
to get there (late) from someplace 
else—and as a bonus I'm often treated to 
a beautiful sunrise like this one.

[It's Skywatch Friday. To see more, go here.

Also linking back to Orange You Glad It's Friday.]


  1. The forge of Hephaestus.

    I try to get in bed a few hours before dawn. Getting up at the same time is problematical. I should take a hint from you and reverse it all.

    1. Here's my dilemma: I like to get up early—but also to stay up late.

  2. Yes, this is a great and beautiful sunrise... Fantastic scene for OYGIF 😃

  3. What a beautiful morning gift for yourself and all of us to view too Alexa, thanks!

  4. I am always afraid of over-sleeping; but, it never happens [no evil eye!!!!]. Was this lovely shot taken from the airplane?

  5. I am your newest follower. This was truly a lovely image of a sunrise. One moment to be cherished.
    JM, IL

  6. Such a golden beginning...hope your travels went well♪

  7. A beautiful sunrise! The perfect start for a day!


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