Friday, January 2, 2015

The three kings are coming

I'm taking the opportunity to put up
one more holiday picture—of sparkly baubles
at Bloomingdale's (reflecting quite a few of me, I see).
Twelfth night is next Tuesday, and in my mind 
that signals the official end of the season (though
I have no immediate plans to take down my tree!). 

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  1. I miss La Fete des Rois, but here on Serbian Christmas (the 7th, but some do it on the 6th), they make a round, crusty bread, inside of which is baked a goldcoin (used from year-to-year). Whoever gets it will be blessed with all kinds of good stuff for the following year. Hope it's me. ;) I like seeing so many of you in your photo.

  2. I want to wear the crown in Paris one more time! Great shot.
    Bonne année dear Alexa,

  3. Fantastic festive reflections. Happy New Year.

  4. Many years ago we had a neighbor that left her tree up till lat February.

    1. Honestly? My tree is a fake, so I could leave it up until August if I really wanted to.

  5. What a perfect fit for the hollidays ! Happy New Year to you Alexa.


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