Thursday, January 1, 2015

A good start

Not a bad way to begin the new year:
body surfing in the Gulf of Mexico (especially
when the folks back home are having
"overcoat" weather)!

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  1. Looks like you're here visiting me, ma chere!! {Well, after we've gone for an hour's drive to get to the beach!!} Happy New Year ~ it's a lovely way to start.

  2. Looks wonderful! We are knocking at about 37 degrees here in Austin.

  3. Whoa, missed this one. Wish I were there.

  4. Wonderful shot! Like a postcard!

  5. Ah, looks wonderful! We're in the single digits here.

  6. It's 75ยบ here today (Santa Ana winds. Cold air from the desert blows in but the increase of atmospheric pressure as it gets close to sea level causes the cold air to warm up). The chilblains on my fingers are taking a hiatus.

    Body surfing has to be one of my favorite activities ever. I think this photo might make me envious. But anyway, “Good on ya.”

    Gulf of Mexico: warm, perhaps, but not exactly south of the equator so still “winter.”


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