Wednesday, January 7, 2015

ABC Wednesday—Z is for "zombie love"

I cannot tell a lie—I've been planning this ABC post 

since I saw this couple on the subway last Halloween.

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  1. Well, as my mother used to say, "They have faces only a mother could love," or else another zombie. Great catch.

  2. Great picture. Looks like fun all the way around. They had a good time, and so did you. Keep an eye out for more zombies.

  3. Ha! Typical photo blogger modus operandi!
    & I am glad you did Alexa, these two are priceless.
    I have to ask - how much are you missing the warm weather today? Is it freezing in Brooklyn like it is out here on Long Island?

  4. The beauty of public transport - one is constantly surprised by the characters who share a ride. Warm regards.

  5. Guess the A-Z prompt makes one look at life around one more closely. Love it!

  6. Superb plan, great catch, they sure look 'zombies in love'.


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