Wednesday, January 28, 2015

ABC Wednesday—C is for "crypt"

. . . and also for cobwebs.

I've bemoaned the sorry state of some
of Père Lachaise's grave sites before.  On my
last visit, I found the door to this crypt open,
as if maybe someone might be ready to do
some serious cleaning.  Have to admit, though—
it makes a better picture with the cobwebs.

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  1. Hello Alexa,

    Oh yes, a far better picture with the cobwebs.

    We have to admit to being intrigued by graveyards. We are not quite sure why, but there is something fascinating about wondering who the people were and what lives they had lived. Better to be not too sanitised, we think but there is a fine line before it becomes sadly in disrepair.

  2. Love this! How wonderful it is not cleaned up yet or restored. It gives one a sense of time passed.

  3. Crypts and cobwebs go together, what a treat to get a peak inside.
    Joy - ABC Team

  4. Interesting look inside the crypt!



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