Monday, September 8, 2014

Was this really necessary?

How long does it take to spoil a world-class view?
Fewer than five months—as I watched this 17-story
building go up beside the Brooklyn Bridge.  You
can still walk out on the bridge and look over to the
Manhattan Bridge upriver, of course, so the view
is not entirely gone.  What really ticks me off is that—
with the exception of a small percentage of
apartments on the lower floors—this will be yet
more luxury housing for the few who can afford it.

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  1. This is such a is the word nowadays.

  2. I pity the residents that had the nice view before they lost it to this high-rise.
    Welcome to Mosaic Monday and thank you for linking.

  3. Don't you just HATE this kind of happening? Spoiling someone else's view to give it to others who can afford to pay a lot. Awful.

  4. Glad you caught it in progress to show how spoiling it really is. Try to have a great day anyway♪

  5. It's a shame that the view is spoiled but I imagine that NYC views are continually being created and spoiled. I'm sure I couldn't afford an apartment on the lower floors or even the basement. :-(

  6. Too much senseless construction in many US cities today. Even in my small city, there are a number of condos and premium apartments being built. Meanwhile, there is a 4 year wait for affordable housing because there is not enough of this kind of housing being built.

  7. So sad that they can take your view away without a "by your leave." Your photos are excellent, especially the second one with the crane over the bridge.

  8. I agree it is sad to spoil such a beautiful view.

  9. How awful!!! We have the same problems too..if you have power and lots of money you do what you like, it seems. Very sad. Thanks for being part of Mandarin Orange Monday.


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